simon benson To Stop Time
  a text-piece installation in Museum de Fundatie Zwolle, for the exhibition Reaction & Reflection, (curator Wim van der Beek)
  in a series of texts Simon Benson reflects on various works from the museum's collection.
to see form in the formless
to fall in love with an image
to be born fully conscious
to not have a name

to look for places where you can become (invisible)
to remember things by touching them
to stop time
to look into the eyes of her reflection
to become aware of your shadow
to speak with your hands
to (stand) in front of a window

to build a (house) in your (mind)
to see everything as if it was for the very first time
to (imagine) a (tree)

to become what you are thinking about
to (taste) stories
to see one thing as if it was something else
to be touched
to hear (music) when there is no (music)
to hold mirrors up to your eyes
to carry an image of (yourself) on your back